Irina Moreno Jiménez-Pajarero: Rostros, Centro Cultural San Clemente, Toledo


One year after Nepal earthquake


On April 25, 2015 Nepal´s ground trembled. An earthquake reaching a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale killed 9,000 people, caused 22,000 injuries, millions of people were displaced and centuries of history were turned to rubble.


The Kathmandu Valley, crossroads of ancient civilizations and origin of the Newar architecture, saw how its temples, unharmed by the passing of time, collapsed. The Himalayan kingdom, cradle of pagodas, sherpas and mandalas, fell silent.


In collaboration with the NGO Nepal Sonríe, the journalist Irina Moreno Jiménez-Pajarero makes a journey through the wounds of a country that after suffering one of the most terrible tragedies in its history, recovers its unique daily life. Faces. One year after Nepal earthquake shows the landscapes of the Nepalese soul, smiles at adversity, life that fades the catastrophe, fixed dreams, looks that embrace, mountains that touch the sky. The Himalayas is the metaphor of the height of these people, so apparently fragile, so incredibly human.








I began my career as a journalist in 2005 working for the news agencies Europa Press and Servimedia. After learning the trade by teletype, I joined the newspaper called La Gaceta, where I signed articles from Society, Politics and Legal sections for years. My interest in publicity increased until I decided to specialize in this field, designing communications strategies for institutions, NGO and companies.


At the same time and after spending several periods abroad, I have found on the trips the passion for capturing moments with my camera. Now I combine photography with journalism and communication, three worlds that converge and with which I seek a single objective: to tell stories.




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